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As conscious shoppers, we have the SUPERPOWER to choose food that is good for us, good for the environment and good for the producers. Food that is ethically grown and benefits everyone around it. Using this superpower can be a bit difficult and that’s why – when it comes to chocolate – we want to show you how to make the right choice. Below we illustrate the main differences between the conventional chocolate found on the supermarket shelves and the artisanal chocolate made under the bean-to-bar principles (psst… the one you can buy here at Fundido Chocolatier). Then, it will be up to you to choose wisely 😉

Transparency is the key
vs. don’t really want you to know too much
Direct trade with cacao farmers
vs. VERY long supply chains
Cacao is grown in a sustainable and traditional way; organic farming and biodiversity are the norm
vs. large monoculture plantations resulting in soil degradation and deforestation
Farmers and workers provided with a living income
vs. farmers are poorly paid; even record of slavery and child labour
Empowers women and seeks for equality in the farming communities
vs. women are often ‘invisible’; most of their work for just a small portion of the income
Fine varieties of cacao with very different flavours
vs. low quality cacao with a simple and acidic taste
Free from any chemical substance
vs. LONG list of (artificial) ingredients
Minimum amount of added (raw) sugar and no flavourings
vs. LOTS of sugar and flavourings to cover up the poor taste of the cacao beans
Produced in small batches and using traditional methods
vs. produced in large, automated factories
Goal to preserve the natural flavours and nutritional value of the cacao beans
vs. flavours and nutritional values of the cacao beans are lost due to the aggressive processing
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We can assure you we will be your most trusted and favourite chocolate dealer! Go and check out the rest of our website (made especially for you) and treat yourself with some real chocolate!

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In October 2023, we decided to finally launch our Bean-to-Bar chocolate webshop, regardless of Britt’s diagnosis of NDPH, a rare headache condition that has been present for years now. Shortly after, we realised we underestimated the combination of our primary jobs and family situation with this chocolate adventure. We are still as excited as in the beginning, if not more, because Fundido has literally changed our lives. Every day we choose to consume consciously and also in the future we will keep going for the most healthy (for us AND the environment), honest and artisanal options. 

We are so grateful thinking about the priceless knowledge we gained during this project. However, there is a time for everything and for now, we decided to close our webshop and say goodbye on the 1st of March 2024. We are happy to give a 30% discount on the last chocolate bars in stock with the coupon code GOODBYE. This is definitely not the end and we will keep spreading our love for Bean-to-Bar chocolate. See you around! 

Britt & Ricardo