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It's not just about selling chocolate

Imagine how amazing it is to have a shared passion as a couple. Well, ever since we discovered Bean-to-Bar chocolate, we can’t stop talking about it. That’s how excited we are, and even more to share our journey with everyone.

First of all, good chocolate contains mostly cacao and there is so much to learn about this precious fruit. In the end, that’s where the chocolate making process starts. The quality of the beans is of the biggest importance when talking about Bean-to-Bar chocolate.

Secondly, (y)our health is a big deal to us. What if we tell you that dark Bean-to-Bar chocolate can play a little role in that? In general, we select products without artificial additives and that contain a minimum amount of (raw) sugar. We already hear some of you thinking “isn’t that chocolate of yours way too bitter?”, but we can guarantee you it isn’t. Amazing, right? So no pimples or stomach ache after eating this delicious treat! At least in our experience 😉

And third, we want to equally care about the consumers and the cacao farmers, especially in Venezuela, Ricardo’s country of birth. Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers know exactly (or at least they should) in which farm their cacao beans are harvested, in which circumstances the farmers are working and how much they are paid for their beans. 

At the end of the day, in many ways, we think this is the right path for the future of chocolate, but also for food consumption in general.