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Kankel 80% Madagascar 75g

This cacao comes from the rich volcanic soil of the Sambirano Valley, which lies on the north-west coast of Madagascar. The warm and humid climate of this region gives as result very fruity beans with raspberry and red fruit notes and low bitterness.


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Cacao mass: 76,5%
Origin: Lower Sambirano Valley, Slope of Volcano
Bean variety: 80% Trinitario, 10% Criollo & 10% Forastero Hybrid
Certification: Organic

Cacao butter: 5%
Certification: Organic

Cane sugar: 18,5%
Certification: Organic



Harvest year: 2022
Fermentation: 6 days in wooden boxes
Drying: On cement
Roasting: Low
Packaging: Cardboard



Plantation: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Fermentation: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Drying: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Packing: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Shipment: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Roasting: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Winnowing: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Grinding: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Conching: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Tempering: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Packaging: Kankel Cacao, Spain

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Farmers are paid more than “fair trade” rates


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