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Kankel 75% India 75g

Fresh and acidic, like strawberry, turning into floral jasmine, almond blossom and a hint of rose leaf, ending with caramel… This chocolate bar has no inclusion whatsoever, but the cacao itself (coming from Kerala, India) is quite the aromatic experience!


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Cacao mass: 71,4%
Origin: Manayathadom & Kaithappara, Idukki District, Kerala, India
Bean variety: Amazonian hybrid
Certification: Organic

Cacao butter: 5%
Certification: Organic

Cane sugar: 23,6%
Certification: Organic 



Harvest year: September 2021 – January 2022
Fermentation: 5 – 6 days in wooden boxes
Drying: on tables
Roasting: Low
Packaging: Cardboard



Plantation: Go Ground Beans And Spices Pvt Ltd 
Fermentation: Go Ground Beans And Spices Pvt Ltd  
Drying: Go Ground Beans And Spices Pvt Ltd  
Packing: Go Ground Beans And Spices Pvt Ltd  
Shipment: Go Ground Beans And Spices Pvt Ltd 
Roasting: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Winnowing: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Grinding: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Conching: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Tempering: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Packaging: Kankel Cacao, Spain

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Farmers are paid more than “fair trade” rates.


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