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Coup de Chocolat 85% Colombia Jerome 45g

If you are a dark-chocolate lover, this one is a must. In this bar you will taste walnuts and olives notes with hints of pine tree and pepper.

The cacao is harvested in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, near the Arhuacos community. Here, cacao is cultivated by indigenous people, they cultivate cacao and other crops using a regenerative agricultural practices also known as agroforestry, in which multiple food, medicine, and hardwood tree crops are grown together.


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Cacao mass: 85%
Origin: Arhuacos, Colombia
Bean variety: Trinitario

Cane sugar: 15%
Certification: Bio



Harvest year: 2021
Fermentation: Fine flavour method – 5 days
Drying: drying beds, protected from direct sunlight (48 hours)
Roasting: Light roast, long on low temperature
Packaging: Paper with flavour bariere



Plantation: Sierra Nevada, Colombia
Fermentation: Locally in Colombia through experts
Drying: Locally in Colombia through experts
Packing: Locally in Colombia through experts
Shipment: Fairtransport
Roasting: Locally in Colombia through experts
Winnowing: Locally in Colombia through experts
Grinding: Coup de Chocolat, Antwerp
Conching: Coup de Chocolat, Antwerp
Tempering: Coup de Chocolat, Antwerp
Packaging: Coup de Chocolat, Antwerp

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
4,5 USD/kg


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