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Kankel 100% Mucilage 75g

The  mucilage is a white, sticky, fleshy substance that surrounds the cacao beans inside the pod. Fruity, sweet, spicy and slightly acidic, cacao mucilage offers the perfect blend of tropical fruit flavors such as mango, pineapple, passion fruit and lychee.

This bar represents the fusion of mucilage and beans without adding sugar, just as nature would offer it to us.


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Cacao mass: 84,5%
Origin: Philippines
Bean variety: Trinitario

Cacao butter: 5%
Certification: Organic

Freeze-dried mucilage: 10,5%



Harvest year: October 2021
Fermentation: 5 – 6 days
Drying: 9 days on the floor
Roasting: Smooth
Packaging: Cardboard



Plantation: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Fermentation: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Drying: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Packing: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Shipment: Daarnhouwer & Co B.V.
Roasting: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Winnowing: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Grinding: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Conching: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Tempering: Kankel Cacao, Spain
Packaging: Kankel Cacao, Spain

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Farmers are paid more than “fair trade” rates


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