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Mi Joya 72% Brazil 75g

These beans comes from ‘Costa do cacau’ in Bahia providing woddy and nutty notes.


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Cacao mass: 69%
Origin: Brazil, Bahía, Fazenda Leolinda
Bean variety: Trinitario
Certification: Not specified

Cacao butter: 3%
Certification: organic

Beet sugar: 28%

May contain traces of: gluten, eggs, soya, milk and nuts.



Harvest year: Not specified
Fermentation: Centrally fermented, 6 days in round wooden boxes
Drying: 5 to 7 days in sunlight and under cover
Roasting: 125 – 130 °C for 22 min
Packaging: Plastic foil and cardboard



Plantation: Fazenda Leolinda, Bahía, Brazil
Fermentation: Fazenda Leolinda, Bahía, Brazil
Drying: Fazenda Leolinda, Bahía, Brazil
Packing: Fazenda Leolinda, Bahía, Brazil
Shipment: Silva Cacao.
Roasting: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren
Winnowing: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren
Grinding: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren
Conching: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren
Tempering: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren
Packaging: Mi Joya chocolate maker, Tervuren

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Not specified.


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