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Mike & Becky 80% Philippines Mana 60g

Made with premium single estate cacao from Davao, Philippines. The Mana beans are predominantly of Trinitario type. Cacao grows beside avocados, bananas, and coconuts, and this gives the chocolate its fruity flavours with notes of caramelised apple, sweet banana and rum. Organic certification in progress.


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Cacao mass: 74%
Origin: Mana, Mindanao, Philippines
Bean variety: Trinitario Hybrids, Heirloom Criollo
Certification: No certification

Cacao butter: 6%
Certification: BE-BIO-01 Certisys

Beet sugar: 20%
Certification: BE-BIO-01 Certisys

May contain traces of: milk, nuts and gluten.



Harvest year: 2021
Fermentation: 5-6 days in horizontal wooden boxes covered with banana leaves
Drying: 8 to 10 days on covered drying beds
Roasting: Not specified
Packaging: Not specified



Plantation: Local social enterprise sourcing from individual farmers and cooperatives. Davao Region, Mindanao, South Philippines
Fermentation: Auro Chocolate company, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Drying: Auro Chocolate company, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Packing: Auro Chocolate company, Davao del Sur, Philippines
Shipment: via Silva Cacao, Antwerp, Belgium
Roasting: MO Chocolate Factory, Brussels, Belgium
Winnowing: MO Chocolate Factory, Brussels, Belgium
Grinding: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Conching: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Tempering: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Packaging: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Not specified


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