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Mike & Becky 65% Indian Spices 60g

A powerful marriage of Trinitario beans from the Idukki Hills in the Kerala region, Southern India, and the Masala spices from the same region! Masala = cinammon, clove, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamon. What an amazing trip through the jungle of mystical spices!


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Cacao mass: 55%
Origin: Idukki Hills, Kerala, India
Bean variety: Trinitario
Certification: Organic

Cacao butter: 10%
Certification: Organic

Beet sugar: 33%
Certification: Organic

Indian spices (cinnamon, clove, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamon): 2%
Certification: Bio

May contain traces of: milk, nuts and gluten.



Harvest year: 2021
Fermentation: 5 days, Cascading wooden boxes from Wild Jack timber
Drying: Sun-dried on tables under open shelter
Roasting: Not specified
Packaging: Not specified



Plantation: HOPS, Idukki India
Fermentation: GoGround, Kerala, India
Drying: GoGround, Kerala, India
Packing: GoGround, Kerala, India
Shipment: via Silva Cacao, Antwerp, Belgium
Roasting: MO Chocolate Factory, Brussels, Belgium
Winnowing: MO Chocolate Factory, Brussels, Belgium
Grinding: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Conching: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Tempering: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium
Packaging: MIKE&BECKY, Brussels, Belgium

How much does the cacao farmer earn?
Not specified


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